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Taddy Porter in FILTER Magazine

Here is a write up on our NEW album “Stay Golden” that should help you get excited for our upcoming tour:

“After watching Taddy Porter’s music video for “Long Slow Drag”—the piano-laden heartbreak hit from their 2010 self-titled record—you might feel irked by the sadistic ending. A flaming photo of Brewer is dropped onto a trail of gasoline, ultimately leading to—yep, you guessed it—Brewer and the rest of the Oklahoma rock quartet.

Luckily, that scene was simply one of many in a well-executed video. We spoke with Brewer last week, who reassures fans that life is much less threatening at the moment. In fact, the band is currently taking a hard-earned break after touring for over two years straight—but not for long.

Taddy Porter’s sophomore album, Stay Golden, drops February 26 via Primary Wave Music, and Brewer has lots to say about this imaginative follow-up full-length, which was created with the help of two prominent producers: Mark Neill (The Black Keys/Dan Auerbach) and Dave Cobb (Shooter Jennings, Chris Cornell).

Songs on the first album were featured on programs such as Entourage, Monday Night Football, and The Newsroom (just to name a few) and Stay Golden is sure to make just as many special appearances, if not more.

Find out all about Brewer’s past in geology, his recently played albums, the first single “Fever” and the ominous date of December 21 below….”

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